March 25, 2012

color story: purple

i used to love purple... as a child. 
 but until recently, i was not a fan of the color. something about purple just hasn't felt special, nor has it had a proper place in my wardrobe. in high school i couldn't wear purple with other colors without feeling like an 80s jazzercise instructor, and i hated how purple looked against blue jeans and neutrals like black and gray. blah. the color in general just felt very un-chic and uninspired.

however: i'm now reconsidering. this season's extra-bold palette made me a fan of all things colorful, including jewel tones like emerald, deep purple and cobalt blue. the trend is continuing into spring with pastels and neons, and i'm becoming ever more inclined to wear purple in springy hues like bright fuchsia & pale lavender
worn with white and camel, the colors pop without being overbearing, and paired with complementary hues like yellow or pink, the effect is soft and feminine.

naturally, blair eadie (my fave) sparked my newfound interest in bright purple and its infinite combinations; mixed with neons, animal print, neutrals or bold jewelry, she's successfully convinced me of purple's resurgence on the fashion frontier:

{images via atlantic-pacific}

II emily

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