January 14, 2012

just in time

you can't really call it a "trend," nor can you say it's something new - but bright colors are your one-way ticket to chic this season. and by "this season" i do mean in the dead of winter.
is this breaking some kind of rule? yes. but does it make complete sense? yes.
 a pop of neon or an especially saturated hue can brighten up your dull skin, limp hair, and gloomy winter attitude, whether its a chunky bracelet or a swipe of lipstick.  hot pink is always a fabulous option, but more unexpected colors like lime, sunflower, and orange pack a punch, too. 
to avoid looking like a walking window display, pair your brights with casual, neutral basics - a slouchy white tee or grey knit with your trusty dark denim usually does the trick. 

II emily

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