January 1, 2012


with each passing year, there are things we're ready to leave behind.  this applies invariably when it comes to fashion; i'm happy to say adios! to lady gaga-inspired footwear, pretentious hippie headbands, ridiculous furry key chains, and wet-look hair, among other trends gone wrong.
but on the other hand, there were, of course, countless trends i'm forever thankful for -- those which defined 2011 and made it a particularly stylish year. like the ubiquitous alexander wang cape shoes, the embrace of ladylike, conservative clothing coupled with an abandonment of skimpy, slutty alternatives (thanks in part to leandra), sleek pointed pumps, blinding bursts of color...  sigh. the list goes on.
luckily, 2012 is looking just as promising -- here's what i'm hoping to see more of:

{photos via my pinboards}
II emily

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