January 10, 2012

spots on spots

although we haven't even reached winter's peak, i'm already looking forward to spring. soft pastels, floaty florals, and femininity reigned supreme on the spring 2012 fashion week catwalks, and the season is bound to bring even more lovely surprises.
polka dots have a been a longtime favorite of mine, but not until recently had i played with the idea of mixing them together.  layering two polka dot pieces is one of the easiest ways to a chic, effortless ensemble, and there are really only 3 rules to follow:

1. stick to the same color scheme - neutrals like navy, cream, black, and white are especially easy to use.
2. choose 1 piece with small polka dots, and another with larger dots to create contrast
3. keep shapes simple and unfussy.

the outfits below perfectly demonstrate the demure, girlish charm that results from mixing polka dots. the top ensemble shows a more daring approach, with whimsical accessories and a colorful top, while the bottom look is a bit more subtle. whichever you choose, have fun with your spots and don't forget some necessary pops of color!

II emily

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