January 13, 2012

le smoking {flat}

{all flats, topshop}

a true fashion victim, i've been on a painstaking mission for chic, flattering, affordable smoking flats for months; they look equally amazing with rolled trousers, full skirts, and your favorite jeans. i'm all about versatility. and while you may think i'm repeating myself after my post about j.crew loafers, i'll have you know smoking flats are very different than your standard loafer. a lower vamp and sleeker silhouette make these markedly more feminine and wearable versus a menswear-inspired penny loafer. (details, people.)

anyways. i think i've finally found suitable (and affordable) smoking flat options! topshop always kills it with their shoe selection, but they're especially on their game with these studded, spotted, and suede beauties. now all i have to do is choose one... (can't i just get them all?!) truthfully, i'm leaning towards the taupe leopard or beige studded varieties. i'm a sucker for good nude shoes!

II emily

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  1. I was in Top Shop son Saturday and some of their smoking slippers were on sale for only $28!