January 24, 2012

get sporty

the other day i was wearing this black nixon watch when my friend said, "that's so unlike you! you usually dress so girly." wait... what?

this, i realized, is indeed an accurate statement. i may be the proud owner of spiky bracelets, combat boots and black pleather pants, but i always mix in some undoubtedly girly-girl items to balance out the toughness. (plus, just look at this post... and this one... and this one. i rest my case.)

i naturally gravitate towards girly styles, but going outside your comfort zone is good for the soul - just take the alexander wang spring 2012 runway for example. wet hair, nylon bombers, and NASCAR-inspired prints are so, so not me. but i love it. that ultra-edgy, super sporty vibe is the freshest trend of the season, and i can't wait to try it out once the weather warms up.

read a more extensive look at trend over at college magazine, or just peep the corresponding lust list right here:

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