December 21, 2011

knits & tulle, tulle & knits

{image via aloveisblind}

i'm loving sweaters + skirts lately. especially knee-length-or-below,  frilly, pouffy skirts in dreamy fabrics (like chiffon, silk or tulle). aside from making you feel like a giddy Barbie ballerina doll, this retro style will help you achieve a womanly hourglass silhouette.
the {above} photo highlights everything i love about this sweater+skirt trend, and fall fashion, and femininity, and... well... fashion in general. it's the juxtaposition, people! gets me every time. 
mixing a chunky pullover sweater with a girly-girl twirly skirt  is chic in and of itself.   but throw in some bejeweled block-heeled pumps (which are noticeably scuffed -- something i love in a pair of shoes; it shows that the owner truly loves them) and you've got sartorial perfection.

II emily

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