December 11, 2011

warby parker

{styles from top: huxley, sinclair, webb, tenley, beckett, colton}

though you probably don't know it, i have a huge obsession with glasses. (i like to call them spectacles.. is that wrong?) in fact, if glasses weren't so expensive and didn't take so long to produce, i'd probably have a sizable collection right now. i do have a pair of cute ray-bans as well as some sleek black prada specs -- but a girl needs options!
enter: warby parker. i first heard about the warby parker website via the blogosphere (where else?); bloggers everywhere are raving about this new company. not only does warby parker stock unbelievably cute and trendy glasses (andddd sunglasses), but with each pair purchased, they donate a pair to someone in need. (kind of like TOMS, but not as in-your-face about it.) 
and it gets even better: each pair is only $95.
your average prescription pair goes for... oh, i don't know. a couple hundred. depending on your prescription, astigmatism, bifocals, etc.  glasses can easily reach upper $500 range. talk about a fashion miracle! however, it's hard to know which glasses you want without trying them on.... (duh.) so warby parker found a solution. their "home try-on" system ships 5 styles of your choice (free) to try on in the comfort of your own home. and that's exactly what i did! i've decided on the 'huxley' dark tortoise with clear crystal on the bottom (top picture), but let me tell you - it was not an easy decision. 

II emily

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