January 17, 2012

textile e&j

despite how you may feel about acid wash/tie-dye denim (totally 90s, yes, but i'm going to go ahead and let you know i give it my biggest stamp of approval), it's hard to resist the ultra-colorful and casual pieces from textile elizabeth & james' spring 2012 line.  even the preppiest of prim-and-preppy dressers can find something they like in this collection, from baby pink jeans to a classic navy-and-yellow dyed crewneck.

textile's emphasis on denim is always refreshing, and their current take on the standard t-shirt + jeans combination is a (huge) breath of fresh air. i'll be trading in my go-to light skinny jeans and cutoffs for pieces that are a bit brighter and more interesting (those studded shorts would look extra cute in lilac, wouldn't they? a girl can dream...) and i suggest you do the same.

II emily 

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