January 23, 2012

postimpressionist denim

{paige premium denim verdugo ultra-skinny jeans in tumble, clash, and ember}

i'm sure you thought the tie-dye denim phase was over after this lust-worthy post... but i'm happy to report about a new crop of enviable and totally groooovy show-stoppers by paige premium denim.
the bold verdugo ultra-skinny jeans {above} are from paige's new "toulouse" collection, inspired by artist henri de toulouse-lautrec.  blogs everywhere are buzzing about the art-inspired prints, and while toulouse-lautrec was not as "abstract" as many of them are claiming (i think these look more like fauve-era matisse), the messy, imperfect brushstrokes and bold colors that made him famous have translated oh-so perfectly to denim. 

as winter continues to alienate my wardrobe and make my daily sartorial choices that much more frustrating, i'm getting anxious for spring with each passing minute. and while these beauties would look major right now with a simple oversized sweater or crisp boy blazer, i'm imagining them in the warmer months with loose slub-cotton tanks and trapeze tees for that easy-breezy, yes-i-painted-these-myself vibe. and click on over to because i'm addicted to win yourself a pair of "tumble" wash verdugo jeans (my personal favorite).

II emily

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