January 3, 2012

fancy pants

statement pants may not be part of your everyday repertoir, but as winter continues to rear its ugly head (hello, highway pile-ups, black ice, and icy-pale skin), style suffers an inverse reaction.  we ditch our fashionista tights, dresses, and platform booties in favor of thick sweaters, long johns, and snow boots, and i, frankly, do not approve. it's looking more and more likely that a good pair of fancy pants is just the thing to pull anyone out of their winter style rut!

between waxed finishes, bold colors, retro silhouettes and full-on dominatrix leather (partially joking), pants are no longer confined to act as the 'neutral' or 'foundation' of your outfit -- instead, give them some face time. make them the focal point. let some kelly green or burgundy (or a full leg of sequins) peek out from underneath your winter parka; those pants are really be the only bit of style anyone can see! (who knew your knees would get so much love?)
 plus, statement pants allow the rest of your outfit to practically build itself -- just throw on an oversized grey, camel, or black sweater, your favorite fuzzy scarf, a few necessary accessories (ie: 10 bracelets) and go!

II emily

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