February 18, 2012

currently obsessed.me

if you're reading this blog, i'm just going to assume you read other blogs too. famous, amazing, utterly inspirational blogs that made me want to start my own! (peep some of my favorites over in my blog roll; yes... there are a lot).
i love when bloggers share clothes & products they love and direct you to the sites where you can buy them online. it makes blogs seem so much more personal, and it gives you access to new sites you never would have shopped before!

the new site currently obsessed.me takes this to the next level. it lets bloggers maintain their own pages of "obsessions."  whenever they're perusing the vast world of online shopping, they can just add products they love to their personal obsessions page and then we can shop them, too! it's prettttty amazing - why didn't i think of this sooner?
you "stalk" bloggers' pages (yes, that's the real term) and some of my favorites are already up and running on the site - i.e. blair eadie of atlantic-pacific,  merritt beck of the style scribe, the ladies behind the glitter guide, and jane aldridge of sea of shoes.  it's ridiculously addicting - and to get in on the fun, all you need to do is sign up with your e-mail. your wallet may not thank you for this new tool, but your closet certainly will.

i'm not on the site (yet! ...a girl can dream) but below are some of my obsessions:

II emily


  1. That Mary dress from H&M is TO DIE FOR! I hope the Dallas store gets that collection. Do you know when it launches?

    1. It already launched February 17 and sold out of topshop stores and topshop.com IMMEDIATELY! So sad. I'm hoping it comes back in stock!