February 1, 2012

color on color

if you'd asked me last year how i felt about the idea of "matching" ensembles, i'd say i was firmly against it. that whole match-your-purse-to-your-belt-to-your-shoes adage seemed like something from the 80s, a horrible "rule" that had an inverse effect on your personal style. 

but now, matching your shoes to your bag looks just quirky and matchy enough - a clever touch that makes you look all at once modern and retro. nearly every outfit blair eadie wears has this matchy-matchy feel to it, and her outfits NEVER fail to amaze. she is the epitome of chic!

i love my collection of brightly hued shoes, but as a girl who strictly carries neutral bags (i've used this nearly every day for the past 4 years) it may take some serious shopping and wardrobe-adjusting to pull this trend together -- but i'm willing to make the sacrifice. 
this just goes to show that everything comes back at some point! next time you're thinking about throwing something away, reconsider. they make storage units for a reason.

II emily

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