February 20, 2012


as you're well aware... spring break is coming up!!!
for most college students, spring break is synonymous with crazy parties, tropical cocktails and getting very little sleep. but for me, it's always been a pretty tame week. this year i'm looking forward to a week of relaxation, getting a little sun, and breaking out some of my favorite warm-weather clothing. (goodbye, marshmallow coat!)
obviously swimwear is a big deal for spring break, too. after years stuffing our closets with bikinis, girls never seem to be satisfied with their collection! (myself included.) i try to avoid over-buying by mixing and matching the swimsuits i already have; i literally never wear a matching suit anymore. mixing colors and patterns makes you feel like you're wearing a brand-new suit every day!
luckily j.crew (my favorite swimwear destination) is offering the very best in color and pattern options this year. from soft florals to whimsical hearts, i'm more than a little tempted. they also have an extra-adorable range of polka dots and stripes (my two favorites) and i love the idea of pairing them together! check out some of the combinations i put together below and shop for yourself at jcrew.com --

II emily

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