September 8, 2012

lulu x j.crew: round 4

anyone who knows me is well aware of my penchant for j.crew jewelry. their enormous glass case of crystals, baubles, chains and beads is one of my greatest weaknesses, and i can hardly leave the store without feeling the need to invest in a new piece. the emotional rollercoaster is made about one hundred times worse when lulu frost enters the scene, and her latest offerings are probably the best yet.

lulu frost has been collaborating with j.crew for a while now, and for her fourth collection she looked back to art deco for inspiration. colorful bakelite, glinting czech glass and geometric shapes feel perfectly retro, but tortoiseshell and modern details (like bold blue and turquoise stones) lend the right dose of sophistication. it's taking all of my willpower not to reach for my wallet and go crazy, but can you blame me!? check out the beauties below:

II emily

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