September 27, 2010


posts have been embarrassingly sparse, which i tried to conceal for a while but now there's just no use. long story short - my camera broke out of nowhere, and now the screen resembles a spider web. not conducive to a functional blog. today i'll have to share some cool links and borrowed images, and hopefully i will have a new camera sooner rather than later! our fall wardrobe hasn't made an appearance yet and i'm very depressed about it....

but for now, some inspiration:

{photo via sea of shoes}
i love jane's spotted boots! especially with that huge jacket and splash of's perfect. this blog is one of the few that i frequent multiple times a day.. i think jane might be one of the coolest girls in the fashion universe.

{photos via atlantis home}
since coming back to school, the thing i've missed the most is my family's huge kitchen. i'm itching to cook, especially when i see food like this on atlantis home! (fun fact... the blogger isjane's [see above] mom!) i might have to make a quick trip home just to try out these recipes...
(brie-apple-arugula quesadillas & corn salsa)

{above photos via the glamourai}
kelly is a genius, with a look that can't be replicated no matter how hard you try. and i reallllyyyy want to order some pieces from her jewelry line... i love these natural stones.

{ check out some of my other favorite blogs: fashion toast, cupcakes and cashmere, and the style rookie }

happy fall!

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