October 3, 2010

just romping around

as weird as it sounds, i actually prefer rompers as cool-weather apparel. they've been a "summer essential" ever since their conception (i'm pretty sure i first saw a romper on beyonce--in gold lamé, no less) - and it makes sense, considering they're comfy, easy, and consist of almost no fabric at all. but that's a little too easy for me--almost as simple as wearing denim cut-offs on a ninety degree day. there's not too much thought in that.

so what takes lots of creativity and a little bit of confidence? turning rompers on their beachy heads for fall, of course. kind of like throwing tights and boots under your favorite floral mini-dress, rompers look chicest when you throw something(s) over them and carry them through another season.

liz bought this "summery" romper largely for its dark floral print, reasoning she would wear it well into fall with the right accessories (namely her favorite cream-and-navy striped cardigan). she's never been more spot-on, and we've already started experimenting with all the possibilities as the temperatures drop sporadically here in bloomington. as much as the cold weather shocks me every time i step outside, i secretly can't wait for it to get a teensy bit colder and throw on sheer black tights with this fantastic floral piece. a sharp blazer would look chic and edgy, while an oversize cardigan + oxford flats is coolly casual and collegiate. how do you personalize your romper?


= a perfect fall ensemble.

{on liz: nordstrom bp romper}
{pictured: urban outfitters blazer, ann demeulemeeseter cardigan}

:) II
style on!

{PS: check out this article i wrote for more tips on how to rock a romper}


  1. I see that you and liz have some different oversized watches. where do you find them? are there any to fine for a bargain? help!

  2. michael kors! i get them at nordstrom - but there are less expensive ones at urban outfitters too!