October 12, 2010

newfound nostalgia

lately, the temperatures have been so fitful i can never even remember what month it is. one day its a 90-degree august afternoon, the next a chilly gray november morning (like today, unfortunately enough). its made me realize that despite my excitement for military jackets, cashmere sweaters, faux-fur leopard stoles, leather boots, and all of my other fall favorites, there's so much about summertime that i'll really miss. it always surprises me how much i long for a dripping-sweat, totally not-chic summer day when i'm trudging through black slush in the middle of february (the worst month, in my opinion). here's a bunch of photos -- some old, some new -- that i'll be looking at when i need to remember that feel-good sunshine. :)

{the chicago skyline - taken during lollapalooza 2010}

{lake michigan}

{liz getting bronzed}

{our favorite childhood park}

{soaking up the sun nearby our house}

don't say goodbye to summer yet!
II emily

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