November 28, 2012

etsy spotlight: friedasophie

i've only bought a few things on etsy before, but i'm slowly becoming one of those addicts... the kind that tells herself she totally needs edible sharks for her next (nonexistent) baking venture. or soap that looks like sushi - yeah, totally necessary.

that being said, it's also possible to feel lost on the site, endlessly searching for that one special boutique. and once you stumble upon it... you have to share. friedasophie is any jewelry girl's dream come true: its pieces are all at once feminine, versatile, edgy and fashion-forward. i mean, who wouldn't want to wear a geode around their neck?  i love the juxtaposition of raw stones against simple gold chains and settings.

these pieces would give a delicate summer dress a little bit of edge, or they could add some earthiness to your  winter knits! if you need a cold weather pick-me-up (or a super special gift for your bestie, if you didn't already snag one here!) the friedasophie shop is the place for you.

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