September 14, 2011

change of heart

maybe it's the 9 years i spent wearing a dark green plaid skirt in grade school, but i've never been a huge fan of plaid. it's always just seemed overly preppy and a bit stuffy, especially on traditionally-plaid pieces like cardigans and coats. 
however, the latest surge of plaid has been anything but traditional. when modern pieces like skinny pants, platform boots and oversize button-downs are done up in colorful plaids, the pattern suddenly looks undeniably fresh. these new plaids feel a bit retro collegiate, maybe even a little english-girl punk rebel... do you catch my drift? no? ....
for a hint of the pattern, try a bright plaid scarf, boyish blazer or patterned bag, or for something a little more daring, layer multiple plaid pieces! the scarf & jacket look perfectly un-perfect together.

II emily

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