August 21, 2012

fall jewelry guide

despite a pretty amazing summer, i'm more than ready for fall to arrive. walking through new york city (or anywhere, really) in the sweltering heat became decidedly less chic by the day, and soon i found myself wishing for snow flurries so i could trade in my flimsy dresses for clunky winter boots. i know they say "be careful what you wish for" and all that, and i'm almost positive i'll be eating my words when i'm scraping ice from the windshield of my car, but i know i'm not alone on this. we're all ready for some cool weather -- especially those who are fashion inclined.

beyond the cozy sweaters, fuzzy boots and stylish coats, fall fashion calls for new accessories, too. and as a self-described jewelry hoarder, i took note of the best trends way back in the beginning of summer. i'm loving big statement-making earrings, especially in bold colors that would pop beautifully against winter neutrals; sleek, no-fuss cuffs for a new take on the "arm party"; chunky pendants on long chains; and delicate, barley-there rings that beg to be stacked. i'm already on the hunt for my go-to fall jewels -- which ones will you choose?

II emily

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