December 19, 2012

comfy cozy

i've never been one to wear hats of any kind, nor have i ever loved the look on anyone else. fedoras, baseball caps, straw hats... it's always just felt a little off. maybe because i think your hairstyle is so essential to the overall look, and hats just cover that up (not to mention the whole "hat hair" thing). 

but during the winter, it's hard to be so anti-hat. i start feeling painful frostbite on my ears within ten minutes of being outside, a head cold after 20, and since i'm currently in NYC for the next few weeks, both of these things are becoming more of a problem.

solution? the beanie. 

and, i'll admit it: i've been wrong. beanies are really cute -- as long as they're a little slouchy and your preferred mode of transportation does not include a skateboard. beanies add an urban edge to any chic ensemble, but i especially love the idea of wearing a bright beanie (a la images 2, 4 and 8) with neutral colors and relaxed shapes, like destructed jeans and baggy sweaters. since when was cold weather so fashionable?!

to get the look, shop some of my favorites below:

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