October 1, 2013

back in black

image via tommy ton for style.com

despite the parade of mind-boggling outfits you see in tommy ton's street style photos on style.com (neon-rainbow hair, basketball jersey-dresses, mickey mouse ears, etc...) this particular image caught my eye. not only has this girl mastered the art of draping a jacket over your shoulders (something i still can't quite figure out) and not only has she effortlessly combined leather, floral prints, metallic gold, and earthy rings (just a few of my favorite things), but the the moto jacket itself, the essential piece for the fall season, looks like the richest, softest, most perfect moto jacket you've ever seen. i momentarily forgot about the perfectly good (faux) leather jacket hanging in my closet, but quickly assumed this  jacket was probably by a luxe designer and subsequently out of my price range. 

that is, until liz sent me the following text message: "i need a faux leather jacket! it's your job to find me the best one out there." in my opinion, the essentialness of a black leather jacket cannot be stressed enough, so i happily obliged. i started searching for chic, affordable options for her when voila -- my dream jacket appeared. right before my eyes. and not at barneys. or net-a-porter. but at zara.

that's right: this supple jacket is faux leather and guess what? it looks even better in real life. this piece is sure to become my new go-to, but i found about ten equally lust-worthy options during my search. it turns out zara is really the only place worth looking for a good leather jacket; i'm tempted to get this quilted one as well, or maybe this bomber style, and if you're looking for something a little more basic, this one and this one are perfect starting points.

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