March 17, 2014

spring breaker

i may not get a spring break anymore, but i'm lucky enough to have a sunny vacation booked for later this week. after an epic, endless east coast winter (and just as epic fashion month!), i'm seriously craving some vitamin D. but i have to admit -- i feel feel totally unprepared! i can hardly remember what it's like to be on the beach and will probably pack all the wrong things. fortunately there are a few items i've relied on for so long that i could never forget them.

for starters, my beauty regimen changes pretty drastically in the summer. i wear less makeup since i usually have a bit of a tan, and just use bare minerals original mineral veil for a fresh, matte finish. i still moisturize obsessively in the summer and have tried just about every face oil out there, but tarte's pure maracuja oil is the only one that seems light enough for a hot, humid day. 

in that same vein, i just learned that bobbi brown makes a body oil version of her classic beach fragrance... is this a new development, or am i really behind? i don't wear beach anymore, but my friends and i always packed it for vacation in high school and loved it. ahh, nostalgia. body oil is the perfect thing to slather on after a day at the beach (post-shower, of course); my skin gets dry from the sand and water, and the oil leaves a slight sheen as well.

i do love a slight tan, but i always wear sunscreen too. i'm especially diligent about my face, and borderline-OCD about my lips! mario badescu's eye and lip sunscreen is amazing; it's slightly thick so you can really feel it soaking in. (bonus: it doesn't taste horrible like other sunscreens you try to put on your mouth!) 

i don't own these loeffler randall sandals yet, but once the weather warms up a bit i'll be adding them to my cart immediately. metallic gold sandals are literally the only shoe i wear during the summer because they go with everything and compliment tan legs! (i've worn j.crew's flat thongs religiously for years)

and last but not least: simply put, j.crew makes the best swimsuits, and at good prices too. i've built up a collection over the years, and not only are they flattering, but they never pill, stretch, or wear thin... all of mine still feel brand new. (this french top is pictured above)

II emily

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