July 4, 2012

nyc photo diary: part 2

well, first thing's first... happy 4th of july!
i can't wait to celebrate here in nyc (in fact, i should probably start getting ready...)

but i wanted to add a few more photos to continue the nyc photo diary - except none of the photos below really have much to do with each other. at all. except that they were all taken here in new york!

my puppy raj! miss him so much 

enjoying a lazy saturday in the west village

discovered an entire wall of mario badescu (my favorite skincare line) in a hole-in-the-wall pharmacy

more west village love

magnolia bakery... my weakness.

below: some instagram pics from a photo shoot i worked on a few weeks ago - will give more details later! i was one of the stylists:

how much do you love that camilla and marc dress {above} ?

the super-talented lyle hawthorne doing his thing

running into this (enormous) dog made for some great photos!

this one {below} is thanks to jenni zellner, the makeup artist for the shoot - her instagram is jenni8z

boats in central park

the beautiful freedom tower

my two favorite things: roses and blondie spread! (from pain quotidien)

DIY coconut rose body scrub materials: mason jar, almond oil, raw sugar, coconut oil, and fresh rose petals

final result!

sunset in tribeca

loved these lanterns at chelsea market

a pre-dinner cupcake - who says dessert has to come last?

the greatest thing in the world: strawberry nerds mojito at dylan's candy bar

II emily

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