July 13, 2012

shark tooth jewelry

a few weeks ago i visited the chelsea market for the first time and kicked myself for not checking it out sooner. i'd heard great things about the clothes, the food, and especially the local artisan jewelry. different vendors set up shop inside the market and put their lovely, meticulously-crafted jewels on display -- most of them being of the spare, dainty variety. one vendor in particular had some amazing single-charm necklaces cast in silver and gold, and although i would normally gravitate towards something girly, it was a gold shark tooth piece that caught my eye.

simultaneously edgy and delicate, i felt like i needed to have it. however, a hefty price tag dissuaded me. i didn't forget about it though, and upon stumbling upon this image below -- a more intense version -- as well as dozens of iterations on etsy, i think i've found plenty of showstopping options.

II emily

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