May 22, 2011

bright on the bottom

maybe it's my newfound exposure to daring london fashion, or possibly just my own personal desire for more color in my wardrobe, but i can't get enough of bright bottoms. skinny jeans, mini skirts, shorts, trousers, you name it, i'll probably love it.

what's appealing to me about these bold pieces is how you can simply pair them with your favorite white tee or oversize sweater and have a perfect outfit! i've always loved combining neturals with bright colors, and this makes it shockingly easy to do so with some added edge.

i wrote a more extensive piece about this trend over at college magazine, which you can read here. however, i'm currently dying for some of the pieces below:

starting points:

slouchy white tee

oversize striped sweater
any of the following!

finish it off with a stack of cool bracelets

{ from top: zara coral skinnies / topshop aqua shorts / topshop melon skirt / zara green pants / topshop saffron skirt / topshop zigzag bangles / j.crew rhinestone bracelet }

you can literally put any of these pieces together and you'll look perfectly bold, effortless, and bright! talk about making your wardrobe go the distance. 

happy mixing!
II emily

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