May 31, 2011

looking back

somehow i found myself clicking through the photos from stylecaster's  50 Most Stylish New Yorkers (how, you ask, considering this feature was written back in february? i'm still not sure..) and amid the summer frenzy we all seem to be having in regards to clothing, beauty, and our general more relaxed way of life, i found myself super-inspired by the cool wintery looks these new yorkers are sporting.  i partially attribute this to the fact that i haven't had the sticky-hot, bronzed-skin, sundress-wearing, popsicle-licking, daiquiri-drinking summer that apparently i'm supposed to be having (and that i usually do experience back in humid indianapolis). london weather is both rainy and chilly at this time of year, meaning i've been wearing a variety of jeans & boots, little jackets, piled-on jewelry, lace-up boots, and scarves -- pieces that would never see the light of day during a summer back at home.  i can't say i hate it; i feel like it's infinitely easier to be stylish when its a bit cold, when you can wear comfortable layers instead of your sheerest sundress, which you still sweat through under the hot sun. 

below are my favorite looks from stylecaster's round-up -- 

{clockwise from top left: kelly framel of the glamourai / model ashley smith / designer jen kao / designer abigail lorick / leandra medine of the man repeller / vogue design associate veronica gledhill}

look at all those textures and layers!! i can't wait to start dressing like that again...sooner rather than later. i'm feeling an impulse to replicate any and all of these ensembles. i especially love ashley smith's sheer black top + clunky black wedges and how abigail lorick is wearing black tights with saffron peep-toes. now that's what i call juxtaposition.

stay cool
II emily

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