August 7, 2011

double take

today i stumbled upon a pair of nude dv by dolce vita 'pali' wedges and fell in love. they're everything i've been looking for in my latest shoe hunt - the perfect nude color, a strappy-but-not-too-strappy shape, and a reasonable 3" curved wedge heel.  and talk about versatility! these would be equally great with an ultra-glam nighttime ensemble as with a summer dress or distressed denim.

but at $83, they're somewhat pricey. the splurge seemed {somewhat} justified..... until i found an {IDENTICAL} pair of wedges at none other than target. only $30. total heartbreak. 

it only got worse when didn't have my size... how rude. and my local store didn't have any sizes in stock. what is a girl to do?!! spending $83 just feels wrong when i know i could be saving $50... if my feet were size 8.5, 9.5, or 11.  which they are not. 
{if that's your size, i strongly suggest snapping up a pair.}

but anyways... can you tell which pair is by dolce vita and which is by target?!

{ hint: the left pair is target, right is dolce vita. bet i had you fooled! } 

II emily

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