August 19, 2011

in the nude

as a self-proclaimed beauty addict, i have to restrain myself from buying every new sparkly eyeshadow, 'miracle' skin primer, 'dewy' foundation and 'perfecting' mineral powder that hits the market. but when it came to the urban decay 'naked' palette, i almost (almost!) gave in to my craving.

unsurprisingly the 'naked' palette sold out instantly, with fellow shimmery-makeup-loving bloggers snatching them up to further prettify their already pretty faces. inside the super-slim palette lay my supposed salvation -- all the perfectly shimmery gold, beige, and taupe shadows i'd ever wanted.  instead of returning to the makeup counter every few months (okay, every few weeks) to pick up more of my favorite shadows, i would have everything in one convenient package! sounds perfect, non?

but the sold-out status and my unwillingness to shell out $48 (though it is a fantastic deal; you're basically paying $4 for each shadow) the 'naked' palette didn't find its way into my makeup drawer.  i was set on acquiring The Chosen Palette at some point, but when i spotted sephora's subtle take on the idea -- the moonshadow baked palette -- things changed.  this palette had everything i wanted in the 'naked' palette, including the additional glinty silver and mauve shadows (which both look amazing paired with the neutrals). plus: i have to admit, this palette is a bit sparklier, a bit  smoother, a bit more saturated than the 'naked' palette (i'm a quality snob. so sue me).  and it goes for only $28 - which makes paying $48 for an out-of-stock possibly-over-hyped palette seem just wrong.

II emily

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