April 4, 2013

my next bag: the leather duffel

image via the jew in j.crew

"it bags" come and go, and while i've never owned one myself, i'm pretty sure i would get major anxiety if i were to purchase a celine tote or studded valentino. i'm constantly plagued by questions like, what if i got sick of it after a year? what if the bag suddenly goes out of style and i look totally dated and out of touch

luckily, there are some styles and silhouettes that will never really go out of style -- like a proenza schouler ps11 or a quilted chanel. another shape that's steadily gaining ground is the leather duffel, originally made popular by the louis vuitton speedy back in the 1930s. speedy bags still look perfectly chic, adding a casual touch to the fancy louis vuitton heritage. the leather duffel bags below would provide that same shot of laid-back, slouchy glamour (and a few are much more reasonably priced):

II emily

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