April 7, 2013

splurge or save

i recently posted on my instagram that i purchased 3 sunglasses in 2 days. and while this is shamelessly accurate... i could have bought more. i'm a little (very) obsessed with sunglasses, especially thick, oversized tortoiseshell ones. and when the racks of forever21, h&m and urban outfitters all boast about 10 sunglasses i want and all of them only cost $5 - $15, it's really hard to say no. like, really hard.

that being said, i certainly understand the value of high-quality, more expensive sunglasses. i bought a pair of chanel shades back in 2009 and they fit my face perfectly, feel light as air and still look brand-new. the same goes for a pair of coach shades my parents gave me for christmas, which are the perfect shape for every day and fit amazingly well. but when it comes to trendier styles, like the mirrored aviators and oversized sunnies i got at h&m, you have to go for the bargains.

which brings me to the image below: can you tell which pair of retro round sunglasses costs the most? all 4 are practically identical... 

fyi: they're pictured in order from most expensive to least expensive. but who would ever know that?

the top pair, by the row x linda farrow, cost $442... enough said. the next ones, by illesteva, cost $160 -- a hefty price tag for such a trendy shape, but worth it if you know you'll wear them for a while. the third pair is from madewell and costs a cool $55, which also isn't terrible -- but i would still be hesitant to shell out that kind of cash. 

the bottom pair, which i got last weekend at urban outfitters, costs just $14. i don't know about you, but i'd rather save my pennies for frozen yogurt and starbuck's blonde roast coffee than 1 pair of popular sunglasses. they may not be high-quality resin, but they look fantastic -- i'll look just as chic as any girl rocking the linda farrows.

would you splurge or save on these sunnies? 

II emily

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