April 24, 2013

the new boho

i spotted the jacket above in this month's lucky magazine and promptly tore out the page, stuffed it in my purse, and solemn swore i would order it as soon as i got my hands on a compter (i was on a plane at the time). lo and behold, it's sold out in nearly every size, but i'm holding out hope for a restock...

this sweet jacket was featured in lucky's shopping guide appropriately titled "the new boho." like this jacket, the editorial was all about a fresh new brand of bohemian -- think less hippie flares and tunics, more embroidery, pom poms, structured silhouettes, bold patterns, cute sneakers and pops of metallic. it's exactly what i want to wear all summer long, and this jacket is a fantastic starting point (assuming it comes back in stock one of these days...) i especially love the red trim and slightly spanish vibe in the embroidery.

check out full looks and pieces from the lucky spread here, and see how i would style the  jacket below...

II emily

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