November 6, 2013

girl with a pearl earring

it's been a while since the "mise en dior" pearl earrings made a splash. i saw them in countless magazine editorials, on the ears of jennifer lawrence and natalia vodianova, and, of course, in the stunning advertisements, abovebecame instantly obsessed with the black-and-cream variety, especially after spotting them in one of harper's bazaar editor nicole fritton's "must have" shopping lists. these earrings are at once graphic, classic, and sweetly feminine. they ring in at $350 (which is actually pretty amazing) but you can imagine my excitement when i discovered these lookalikes at ASOS for just $9.

not only did these earrings go right into my cart, but i seriously considered buying them in bulk -- they would make a lovely gift for any fashion-minded friend, and i would never have to worry about misplacing mine. for that price tag, i may just have to stock up.

II emily

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