November 25, 2013

leg warmers

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this post is dedicated to leggings. yes... leggings. 

i know it's been a while since leggings were cool -- we can thank the leggings-as-pants phenomenon for that -- but let's be honest. we all still wear leggings. what's better than a giant thick sweater, soft leggings, leather boots and a cozy scarf in the middle of winter? or even just when you're lounging on the couch watching a movie?! leggings are great. they're necessary.

however, no one ever said leggings are warm. the temperatures have really dipped here in new york (we're talking 20 degrees) and the insane gusts of wind we've been having make it feel a thousand times colder. when i was walking near lincoln center last night, i legitimately thought the wind might knock me over. 

ironically enough, i was on my way to bed bath & beyond to pick up a space heater for my private igloo bedroom. while i was wandering around the store (because how can you not wander aimlessly around BBB?) i discovered something truly amazing. 

they were hanging inconspicuously near the bedroom section (really emphasizing the "beyond" here) and at first glance, i thought they were going to be awful -- a thick, cheap, scratchy disaster. what a terrible gimmick! but no, i was wrong. these are the best leggings i have ever owned; they're thick but not too thick, flattering, totally opaque, and insanely warm. the fleece on the inside is thin enough that it doesn't add bulk, but it's as soft as cashmere. these leggings would actually stand up to a windy day in the city. i bought the space-dyed charcoal color, but i'm planning on heading back next weekend to pick up several black pairs. for $10, i highly suggest you do the same.

if you can't get to a BBB, these styles from anthropologie and target sound nearly identical, and these waffle leggings by splendid might be a nice update, too. shop even more styles below...

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