November 15, 2013

odds & ends

a few recent additions... becca's "the one" beauty brush (thanks to my mom) which ingeniously works with liquids, creams, powders, bronzers, and highlighters, essentially negating the need for any other brush; the $9 asos pearl earrings i mentioned in this post; this epic lucite and gem-studded j.crew cuff, which was a gift from my boyfriend (what can i say, i've trained him well!); and my new favorite perfume, see by chloé paint-a-scent

i have to admit i was initially intrigued by little brush applicator -- you brush it onto your skin like nail polish -- but the scent inside is just as charming. with notes of bergamot, apple, jasmine, ylang, vanilla and musk, it's a playful mix of masculine and feminine -- as it turns out, the perfect scent for me. until i purchased this at sephora last week, i hadn't bought a new perfume in years (i've been alternating between trish mcevoy sexy 9 and the addictive original chloé) and this was a welcome change.

II emily

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