May 22, 2012

beauty moment: baby pink

i've loved pale pink pretty much my entire life (save for a brief phase in which i told my 2nd grade class my favorite color was black in an attempt to be rebellious...) and find it acceptable on almost anything -- pants, dresses, bedding, flowers, accessories, jewelry, walls, art, tees... and of course nails. a pale pink manicure is the epitome of chic, but until recently, most of the pale pink polish varieties had been decidedly sheer. kind of 'your nails but better' and so subtle -- almost colorless.

i wasn't so into that timid 'pale pink.' it wasn't until i discovered the opaque, cotton candy goodness of butter london's 'teddy girl' lacquer (pictured below) that i became instantly re-obsessed with my girlish pale pink past. finally, real pale pink nails were back in the most saccharine of ways, and i had a sneaky suspicion nail polish was just the beginning.

my personal obsession continued when i snapped up my beloved ysl  sheer candy lip balm in 'cool guava' -- basically the best tinted balm that has ever existed. it's ultra-moisturizing, perfectly tinted and a little bit shiny; all in all, the perfect amount of color for daytime errands. and it comes in a sleek silver bullet of a tube, so you still feel like you're applying lipstick.

 then i spotted the MAC ad {below} in this month's  issue of vogue and couldn't contain my excitement (nor could my best friend, betsy). baby pink nails and baby pink lips? is it sickeningly sweet? way too cute? maybe, if you pair the look with a gingham dress or glittery flats. super-sugary lips and nails like this look best with simple, streamlined ensembles that aren't girly in the least. but as the proud owner of more florals and bows than i can physically count, i'm not one to judge how you rock this look.

II emily

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