May 7, 2012

island time

{ images via tommy ton for (particularly this fab feature on sydney fashion week) and his jak & jill blog }

no matter how much we all love "island style" and the glamourous life that goes with it (four-digit thread count egyptian cotton towels,  golden tans, gauzy caftans and veuve mimosas with breakfast, that kind of thing), we can all agree that the quintessential hawaiian shirt is kind of repulsive. 

hawaiian shirts are especially unfortunate when they are ultra-oversized, and for a reason i'm still not quite sure of i've made it my life's mission to carry out a full-fledged vendetta against them. don't men know a short-sleeved dress shirt is an oxymoron in and of itself? those wide, billowing sleeves... the weird silk-blend material... and of course the hawaiian print, which is rarely spectacular.

however. taking cues from the less offensive aspects of island style... well, that's a completely different story. picture one of gaugin's signature paintings: tahitian women lounging in a wild jungle, flowers blooming all around in warm, deeply saturated hues. you practically feel transported to that humid atmosphere, heady with aromas of flora and fauna. it's sexy and natural and the complete opposite of the 'classic' hawaiian shirt i'm sure you've forgotten by now.

island style is back in full force, popping up on street style sweethearts and mass retailers (re: h&m, zara) alike. take sydney fashion week, for example (photos above). bold, bright tropical prints were the trend du jour, presenting themselves in a number of fresh and creative ways. solo stunners like tiny hot pants, oversized blazers, studded tanks or a simple head wrap enable the trend to blend seamlessly into your ensemble (aka, pair them with solid, neutral colors). it's sleek and simple, with plenty of impact.

or you could go the bolder route, which i prefer: mix tropical prints together to up the irony factor. you're well aware of the slight absurdity of this trend; why not take it to the next level? i mean, really --  leaf prints? mirrored hibiscus patterns? it's over-the-top and totally unexpected, but that's why its a trend. it's taking something old and giving it new life. like any born-again trend, the key really is juxtaposition.

II emily

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