May 15, 2012

an ombré occasion

lately the only items in my closet that i'm remotely interested in are my colorful skinnies.  it's so easy to throw them on with the perfect white tee and an armful of bracelets - the result is a cute and put-together outfit with minimal time invested. eureka!

the marginally more thoughtful approach to wearing colorful pants is embracing the color statement... like, really embracing it. i could not love tangerine + hot pink combinations more, and mixing mint green + aqua, lemon yellow + peach, or cobalt blue + violet all make for equally fun and chic color-splashed ensembles.

my favorite variation on this color-blocking, though, is a very subtle ombré approach. of all the modes of sporting colorful pants, this one may be the trickiest; you want the colors to almost match, yet also differ from each other enough that you can decipher between them - and, all at once, they have to look good together! you may ask yourself... is it even worth it? has the fashion industry run out of ideas and are now forced to throw us this big of a curveball? fear not, ladies. it is doable! and so, so attractive.

the best part? a nearly-monochrome ensemble allows you to accessorize literally however you choose (hence the enormous appeal to yours truly). you can go sleek and minimal with matching gold cuffs, dress it up with a sparkly statement necklace, or take a turn for the tribal with an armful of friendship bracelets. the options are truly endless, as are the 

shades of grey + cool metallic extras.

cream + white: perhaps the best color combination ever.

bright cobalt + pretty cornflower with bold sandals, cool cuffs and funky sunglasses.

my ultimate ombré inspo: mint on mint + the chicest accessories. 

white on white with peach add-ons. (and a sparkly clutch doesn't hurt.)


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