February 6, 2013

be mine

with valentine's day fast approaching, it's either time to pick the perfect outfit for a date with your sweetie or ingest as much heart-shaped chocolate as humanly possible while you stab a voodoo doll of your ex love and watch twelve episodes of gilmore girls.

for those in said anti-valentine's-day camp, all i have to say is this: if you can't beat em, join em! why not wear a hot pink dress to celebrate how great your relationship with yourself is going? or get dolled up for a fabulous dinner of french fries and wine with your girlfriends to celebrate the kind of love that only besties feel? (hint: i'm referencing carrie bradshaw in all of these scenarios)

no matter how you feel about the holiday, the pink-loving carrie in all of us can appreciate any excuse to shop. try any of the cutest v-day items below for a perfectly cheeky and festive holiday ensemble:

II emily

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