February 1, 2013

spring break forecast

after yesterday's post about spring fashion, it had me thinking about spring break... and seeing as my friends and i are jetting off to vegas in just about over a month, i obviously started brainstorming outfits. some variation of the look above will probably be on heavy rotation, especially the antik batik clutch.

while i was in new york over my winter break, i rented an apartment on union square from a girl who works for antik batik and she graciously gave me an oversized clutch very similar to the one above. it's proved to be quite the wardrobe update; i've always loved antik batik's boho-chic-French-girl style, but i never took the leap to buy a piece for myself. now i'm able to experiment with my new bag, and i found that it really looks good with everything: all-black, bold colors, striped tees, ripped jeans, sweater dresses, flippy skirts, you name it.

the clutch above is a complete wardrobe makeover for just $86 - and considering the escalating price of all the "it" bags out there, that's a pretty amazing deal. i can't wait to wear mine all spring and summer long, and if you're looking to get your own, you can see all of antik batik's bags here and shop the one above here.

II emily

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