February 7, 2013

less is more (sometimes)

though it isn't really news, the current handbag trends seem to have taken on 2 extremes: everyone's carrying either a teeny-tiny embellished clutch (think charlotte olympia, alexander mcqueen and olympia le tan) or an enormous, super basic tote. and though i think we can all appreciate a dog-shaped miniaudiere, the latter option is just plain chic. see below:

since i tend  to carry the same bag around for five years straight, this new obsession is both a blessing and a curse. would a streamlined tote give my wardrobe a sleek and sophistocated update? yes. but i require perfection; that's why my cognac marc by marc jacobs hiller bag (scored on sale back in 2009) has survived my college career (so far at least...), made it through the european adventures of 2011, and resisted the grime of daily subway rides in NYC last summer. i never tired of my trusty bag. it provides stylish stability in my life. and after what could only be described as excessive use, it still looks pretty amazing. 

but now that i'm craving a gigantic, uber-simple leather tote of my own, i won't stop until i find the most perfect one ever. in other words, it needs to satisfy my handbag needs until the birth of my first child (or some other far-off milestone). and that kind of wishful thinking can get pricey.

for now, i've rounded up my top contenders  -- from super-pricey-and-beyond (a girl can dream) to much more affordable options that still look super chic. i decided rich neutrals are best for such a timeless shape, with a few pops of red thrown in for good measure. because red seems to be having a big moment, too. (you can blame celine's giant red tote for that one.) extra points for a good two-tone number.

the best part? there's no shame in loading these up with as much useless stuff (ten lip balms, a pair of shoes, earmuffs, a few diet cokes) as your heart desires.

 row one: rochas ($1,020) saint laurent ($2,350) rochas ($1,020)
 row two: tory burch ($575) tods ($1,165) marni ($1,280)
row one: madewell ($168) madewell ($168) j.crew ($298)
row two: j.crew ($298) vince camuto (also here) ($228) rebecca minkoff ($295)

II emily

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  1. You guys should post more of your own outfit shots. It's so much more fun to see, and it's way more interesting to generate your own content than to reblog!