February 5, 2013

found: camo perfection

you may remember when we raved about a certain pair of camouflage pants in this post. we were a little obsessed (and still are, though the pants are regrettably prone to stretching out and need to be washed frequently!) 

naturally, after securing my perfect camo pants, i was on the hunt for the perfect camo jacket. j.crew stocked one a few seasons back, and until last week i had yet to find a suitable replacement. disclaimer: i never planned on wearing a full-on camouflage jumpsuit. don't worry.

however, on an ordinary trip to target, i stumbled on what could possibly be my favorite jacket ever. for $34.  it's the perfect color and fit -- slim with a drawstring at the waist. and the fabric is nice and thin, so you can layer it up in the winter and throw it over a sundress in the summer:

i've been wearing my new love nonstop and have been taking notes from blogger blair eadie, a certifiable camo expert. as blair stylishly demonstrates on her blog atlantic-pacific, the best way to wear camouflage is with a little bit of irony, a swipe of lipstick and lots of feminine touches. see my favorite looks below:

II emily

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