March 6, 2013

blue suede shoes

in case you were wondering what your next purchase would be, i have the answer. 

i was browsing the forever21 website today (i know, big surprise) when i stumbled upon the most perfect pumps ever. as in, i've been searching for this EXACT shoe for months and have not found an affordable option until this precise moment. 
i've been on the hunt for cobalt blue, pointed pumps ever since i saw jenna lyons wear blue monolo blahniks to fashion week last year (see below). obviously manolos were out of the question for me -- they cost $595 -- and i soon fell in love with a nearly identical, less expensive pair at j.crew. still, their $245 price tag was not cutting it.

after many failed attempts, forever21 came through for me, as they tend to do time and time again. the pumps (below) are just as lovely as the pricier varieties, and i actually like the less-pointy shape a lot more! plus, they only cost $29 -- can you even believe it? i almost want to buy five pairs and stock up for life. or maybe i'll just buy one of every color... they're also offered in citron, melon and mint green.
shop them HERE. you can thank me later.

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  1. Awww! I love these shoes! The color is to die for!