March 21, 2013

show your stripes

born and raised in the midwest, i've dealt with extra-long, harsh winters my entire life. as a result, you would think i've leared a thing or two about outerwear -- this, however, is not the case. i always have high hopes for winter: i picture myself in tons of colorful, cozy layers, the perfect bold wool coat, rosy cheeks, cute-yet-sensible snow boots, and an overall sense of content. this never happens, at least not past november. function trumps form when you're trudging through a snowdrift, and before you know it you realize you've worn the same michelin man knee-length down coat every single day for the past four months and are googling "symptoms of seasonal depression." (side note: how often are you supposed to wash a nylon/down coat? anyone?)

the transition period between winter and spring is every midwestern girl's saving grace. once temperatures rise above 40 and trees start to sprout tiny leaves, you'd think everyone had a life makeover. the first peek of sunlight promises spring! and springtime fashion, so we all ditch the uggs and leggings and puffy coats and put on those cute "winter layers" like tights + skirts and slouchy cardigans, usually when it's still way to cold to be wearing said ensembles. you have the ability to look even cuter (and actually stay warm) if you have a statement coat in your possession. they generally tend to be thinner and satin-lined, kind of epitomizing the "transition" piece -- especially when in a versatile animal-print. the images below prove that such a bold coat puts you on the fast track to chicness:

 i'm a leopard-print girl through and through, which is why i plan to replicate olivia polermo's exact outfit (maltese not included) once it's acceptable to wear shorts again. but that zebra coat is on another level. everyone could use a little zebra in their lives, especially if, like me, you once hated it. (i predict it will be a "trend" for at least another two seasons.) the girl above looks really cool wearing her zebra coat over a distressed canadian tuxedo, and this very similar number from zara would look great with denim on denim, too. however, i would personally just wear it with a worn-in white tee (plus a denim jacket if it's extra chilly), an orangey-red lip & some eye-popping accessories:

II emily

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  1. both excellent streetstyle examples, but wearing a sophisticated Zebra with shredded jeans is really genius.