March 22, 2013

buckle up

in other intense shoe news, i discovered a pair of topshop wedges (above) that simply must appear in my closet by summertime. i only refrain from saying "immediately" because, sadly, they are temporarily sold out. they are exactly what i've been looking for ever since chloe sevigny designed those awesome shoes for opening ceremony, seen on chloe herself, leighton meester, & hanneli mustaparta below:

when i was in new york last summer, nearly every editor had a pair of these statement-making shoes (or at least a very similar style). they look cool with literally everything -- skinny pants, crisp dresses, leather shorts... they give an extra oomph to even the most basic outfits. i never thought in a million years i would be able to find an affordable alternative, but topshop's are just $120 (a bargain compared to the chloe sevigny x OC $600+ price tag). fingers crossed they restock them one of these days! (ps: i prefer the black/silver pair but they also come in brown and black/gold)

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